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Installation of Underground Electrical Services in Melbourne

While the Australian government necessitates that all residential buildings have overhead power supply, consumers are extremely interested in the convenience of installing underground electrical services. You can choose the type of setup that best meets your specific requirements.
Our licenced Level 2 experts will handle all of your electricity requests expertly and professionally. We assist you in making the most important electrical installation choices with complete confidence.

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Professional Installation of Underground Electrical Services

Underground electrical distribution lines connect to the city's main distribution. Instead of linking overhead, they are concealed beneath the ground. Many new housing lots and industrial areas are outfitted with underground main lines, in three-phase or single-phase configurations.

Installation of an underground electrical service might not be ideal for every property. It is not possible to convert regular powerlines and cables to underground power lines. It is essential to discuss your requirements with a competent level 2 electrician to determine which options are available.

Underground Electrical Service Installations of the Highest Quality

We are dependable level 2 electricians with experience and certification in performing 3 phase as well as 1-phase main electrical connections. Our services are excellent and completely tailored to your specific requirements. If you require the installation of underground electrical services please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

We always strive to give our Melbourne clients great value for money, and you will notice that our solutions are not expensive. We handle disconnections, reconnections, and repairs to underground installations, in addition to installations. It means you get all these specialised services under a single roof without any trouble

We provide the same level of service to homeowners and businesses and focus on exceeding their expectations. For information regarding our installation of underground electrical services, feel free to call the Elect First Melbourne team at this number 1300 590 584.

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On-time Guaranteed

With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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Melbourne-Wide Coverage

With electrical teams across Melbourne, we can dispatch the nearest available electrician direct to your door

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Pay by the Job,
Not by the Hour

With ElecFirst you pay by the job, never the hour, meaning you know the full price BEFORE we start any work for your complete peace of mind

Great Service

Friendly Electricians

With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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